Meet the individuals who bring you the Message of Freedom.

“David Pratt Demarest, 1940-present, is a long-time programmer, former Global Application Steward at First Data, and former owner and manager of NxLevel, Inc, a database application development firm. A successful entrepreneur in his own right who fosters serial entrepreneurism, Demarest is the founder and owner of Roads to Freedom Foundation, LLC, a for-profit corporation formed to grow the entrepreneur-consumer-driven market voluntary sector at the expense of the coercive statist sector by inspiring and training serial entrepreneurs whose innovative startups will out-compete coercive sector social services and bring them back into the voluntary sector where they belong.

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Scott Zimmerman is a Master certified educator and former two-term Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nebraska. Scott has been a key player in the Liberty movement for the last 20 years, serving as a campaign consultant for multiple candidates, most recently Senator Laura Ebke and Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Jim Schulz. 

Erin Adams is a long-time libertarian activist and lifelong advocate for self-ownership and free markets. A Veteran, she has always been a proponent of community service and civic engagement actively involved in local and national activism.

In 2016, Erin for Oklahoma State House in Legislative District 33 on the Libertarian Party ticket and was the only candidate to have a fully staffed campaign, consistent presence and amicable relationship with the media, and multiple opportunities to share our message of free market and free minds to large audiences. In addition to her own campaign, Erin was also the Regional Field Director, National Outreach Events Coordinator, and for a time, Oklahoma State Director for the Johnson / Weld 2016 Campaign.

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Jeremy Frederick is currently the treasurer of the Douglas County Libertarian Party and formerly served as the party's communications director. He has been involved in the liberty movement for the past 5 years, beginning with his leadership role as one of the admins for the popular Facebook group Libertarian Atheists. Jeremy has been a political independent for most of his adult life, always supporting liberty minded movements over the years. A husband, father, and autodidact, Jeremy is focused on uniting the liberty movement, seeking to include anyone who values freedom over statism whether they are right, left, or center in their politics.

Andrea Liberator has always been liberty-minded since her preteen days. After high school, she realized both the Democratic and Republican parties failed to encompass her political views, and became an Independent, not fully aware of the Libertarian Party. Today, she works telecom and is a member of the National Libertarian Party. She is also highly active in her local Douglas County Libertarian Party, and is the Roads To Freedom UnConvention Venue Chair. She is committed to doing her part to see the Libertarian party flourish, and is hopeful for 3rd parties joining the national debates.


Zachary Taylor is a Social Media Strategist, fur dad, and Veteran. Zach has turned his obsession with human behavior on the internet into a path for activism by becoming the Publicity Chair for the Roads to Freedom Foundation. He has served as PR Director for the Libertarian Party of Nebraska and CoHosts a podcast for the Roads to Liberty Group. Zach is determined to utilize New Media in dynamic ways to show people how cool freedom can be.


Principles without Victory are Dead. Victory without Principles is Pointless.

I first heard the concept of Libertarianism in the 1990's when I heard an interview with presidential candidate Harry Brown. I liked what he had to say about the principles of the Libertarian Party. I had remained an Non Partisan Independent for as long as I was of age to legally vote. In 2016 I changed my vote to Libertarian because I believed that the time had come to take a stand for liberty.

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Jocelyn Fry is a homemaker and parent-educator from Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to serving on the UnConvention Family Track Committee, she is also the Chairwoman of the Polk County, Iowa Libertarian Party, is a policy advisor for the Jake Porter gubernatorial campaign, and is running for Polk County Supervisor. She has previously served on the state central committee of the LPIA and in 2016 was a candidate for Iowa House of Representatives. 

Jocelyn lives with her husband, Matt, their combined total of eight children, and their two cats, Delilah and Dita. The family enjoys playing board games and singing karaoke together. 


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Scott Zimmerman

Interim Chief of Staff 
Roads to Freedom Foundation

Email: [email protected]

Jeremy Frederick

Website Director
Roads to Freedom Foundation

Email: [email protected]