Meet the individuals who bring you the Message of Freedom.

“David Pratt Demarest, 1940-present, is a long-time programmer, former Global Application Steward at First Data, and former owner and manager of NxLevel, Inc, a database application development firm. A successful entrepreneur in his own right who fosters serial entrepreneurism, Demarest is the founder and owner of Roads to Freedom Foundation, LLC, a for-profit corporation formed to grow the entrepreneur-consumer-driven market voluntary sector at the expense of the coercive statist sector by inspiring and training serial entrepreneurs whose innovative startups will out-compete coercive sector social services and bring them back into the voluntary sector where they belong.

On the political front, Demarest is the immediate past Region 6 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee for eight upper Midwest states, Treasurer of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance, board member and Nebraska State Coordinator for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, and immediate past Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Nebraska. Other accomplishments include BS-MIS (Cum Laude) and MS-MIS (3.97 average) degrees from Bellevue University earned after age 65, private pilot license, commercial pilot training, and successful completion of 71 marathons with six Boston Marathon qualifying times and a personal best of 3:15:16 at age 48.

Demarest recently launched a full-time political-economy writing career, both fiction and non-fiction, with a focus on Austrian Economics and freedom from his Voluntaryist Libertarian perspective. Demarest's literary priority is the ‘Invisible Handshake’ series of action-packed novels inspired by Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ but based on his ‘Invisible Handshake’ competitive governance political philosophy hypothesis that extends Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’ theory to encompass the broader voluntary market of all human interactions by incorporating the Golden Rule, property rights starting with self-ownership of one’s body, the Non-Aggression Principle, and assertive behavior based on win-win mutually-beneficial negotiation and economic/social reinforcement/ostracism feedback.

Demarest is first and foremost a big picture innovative thinker and student of Praxeology, the science of human action and decision-making, in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises. Demarest loves ideas, thinking outside the box, logical deep-dive root-cause analysis, figuring out why people do things, solving problems, getting stuff done, and translating big picture ideas into innovative solutions designed to alleviate governance and societal dysfunctions. In addition to his writing career, Demarest has dedicated the rest of his life to build Roads to Freedom into a full-fledged, world-class international foundation with an ambitious collaborative movement goal of increasing the number of entrepreneurs in the world by 10% over the next 10 years.

Roads to Freedom (R2F) starts with a dedication to replace coercive sector statist authoritarianism with voluntary sector entrepreneurism. The foundation will be built on a base of becoming the go-to experts for freedom fund-raising and liberty event promotion, including events like the UnConvention, CryptoCon, StartupCon, Freedom Entrepreneur Camp, HealthCon, MedTourCon, EduCon, HomeSchoolCon, SpaceCon, MusicCon, ArtCon, CanabisCon, LicenseCon, ImmigrationCon, RightsCon, AdjudiCon, and SecurityCon, just to name a few. R2F divisions include R2F Hub, R2F Action Agenda, R2F Institute, R2F Entrepreneur Academy, R2F Self-Management Academy, R2F Think Tank, R2F Consumer Trust, and R2F Publications.

R2F Publications will include the 'Roadmaps for Freedom Seekers' book series, 'Poor Pratt's Almanack', R2F Institute Textbooks, R2F Think Tank White Papers, R2F Consumer Trust Reports, numerous newsletters, and fiction/non-fiction publishing opportunities for liberty-leaning authors. Demarest's belief in collaborative leadership by example and autonomous acceptance of responsibility is reflected in the ongoing Roads to Freedom organizational transition to self-management. Roads to Freedom will collaborate extensively with a wide range of national and international liberty-oriented entrepreneurs, activists, and organizations to accomplish an ambitious list of exciting freedom goals. R2F has a rapidly growing robust staff of professionals and volunteer activists.”

Jeremy Frederick

Website Director
Roads to Freedom Foundation

Email: [email protected]