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Starchild is a pansexual native of the San Francisco Bay Area and longtime pro-freedom activist currently serving a second term as an At-large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee, where Starchild is an advocate for transparency, a grassroots, bottom-up party run by its members, and a radical libertarianism that makes no compromises in resisting State aggression and other forms of authoritarian control.

A San Francisco State University graduate with a degree in journalism, Starchild has worked a variety of jobs. Starchild has run five times for public office and been interviewed, quoted, or cited in media outlets including favorite publication Reason as well as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, ABC, CNN, Bay Area Reporter, SF Chronicle, SF Bay Guardian,, and many others. Starchild may be one of the only individuals to have spoken at both Occupy and Tea Party gatherings.

Jeremy Frederick

Website Director
Roads to Freedom Foundation

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