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I first heard the concept of Libertarianism in the 1990's when I heard an interview with presidential candidate Harry Brown. I liked what he had to say about the principles of the Libertarian Party. I had remained an Non Partisan Independent for as long as I was of age to legally vote. In 2016 I changed my vote to Libertarian because I believed that the time had come to take a stand for liberty.

As of 2017 I had decided to get more directly involved with the Liberty Movement. I currently help out wherever & whenever that I can with both the Liberty Movement & The Libertarian Party. Although I feel that I have much to learn before I know my purpose & place within the Libertarian Movement & Party.


I am honored to be an active part the Freedom Foundation, Beginning with this UnConvention. 


May the flames of Liberty continue to light the way to a better future for all of us! 

Jeremy Frederick

Website Director
Roads to Freedom Foundation

Email: [email protected]